It’s a coding saddle. I haven’t ridden a horse in years.

Been a long time since I’ve really put some serious work into coding. I definitely hit a big wall of burnout! It’s happened a lot over the past year. A lot has happened in my life besides the pandemic…

Neon sign reading and breathe surrounded by greenery
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

I started this coding journey in July of 2020. It’s simultaneously gone by super fast and feels like it’s taken forever. I’ve always been someone who wanted to work very hard to have the “perfect” routine, “perfect” system, “perfect” solution. I suppose it makes sense why I thought software engineering…

Antique typewriter on a desk
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Storytime! It’s fun because the story I’m going to tell feels REEEEEAAAALLY old. In reality, we’re going back to March of 2020. In my mind, we’re going back 20 years.

So I’ve been slowly but surely updating this old Ruby Sinatra app I’ve got going. I’m enjoying it, it’s…

A layout of a project plan, hand written on a large notepad
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Anyone who knows me can confirm I’m a planner.

I’m also straight-up old school. I love a good pen and paper. I don’t even need fancy paper. I’ve written entire journal entries on a napkin.

True story! I was in Bristol, and it was the one and only day…

OCTOBER 23, 2020

Fair warning that this is another blog that revolves around more coding adventures! Boldly going down the path of Software Engineering at Flatiron School.

So I’m a little over three months into the part-time software engineering program at Flatiron School, and we’re just about to turn in…

AUGUST 28, 2020

Alright, folks. Here comes the software engineering blogging! But there are still some great lessons in here, so stick with me.

So the last two weeks marked the first “project mode” for my Software Engineering course. I was feeling really excited about it! I was also super…

Nested bowls

The more I learn about software engineering, the bigger my folder stacks get. And I love the flow. Everything has its place and purpose and it’s organized so nicely.

I recently built a small project, my final project in the Software Engineering Program at Flatiron School. The entire last section…

Jillian Short

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